Visual Artist


For thirty-two transformative years, this remarkable artist has embraced his Islamic faith, reclaiming his Latin-American roots in a vibrant blend of cultures. Through his art, Abdushakur weaves a compelling narrative of identity and spirituality, inviting you to explore the profound depths of his intricate creations.

Current Project: كتاب الصبر (The Book of Patience)

About the Artist

Abdushakur's iconoclast approach to abstract art sheds light on its spiritual and intrinsic significance. His profound works evoke the concepts of patience and infiniteness, glorifying The Creator while exploring the expressive potential of abstraction. Embracing Islamic Art's beauty and sanctity with a contemporary twist, Abdushakur's artwork compels viewers to reflect on their spiritual awareness and relationship with their Creator. Don't miss the opportunity to experience the transformative power of his meticulously crafted pieces – invest in a masterpiece that will enrich your soul.